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I currently have a very long waiting list. Approximately 5-6 months. Sorry for the inconvenience


Private training

When people start training their dog, they often have a lot of questions. In the 1-to-1 sessions you can ask everything you would like to know about your dog. It also gives me a chance to tell you all about body language and dog behaviour. I can visit you at your house, office or wherever you feel is convenient/ needed for the dog*. Do you bring your dog to work and would you like to train during lunch break? No problem. Does your dog has problems during a walk and you want me to join you for a walk, also not a problem.

Private training can be very helpful. We can train whatever your dog needs.

Feel free to contact me

06-18556073 or hondentrainingmila@gmail.com


*when I have to travel more then 5 kilometers I charge an extra 20 cents/km