Welcome to our website.

We have a number of possibilities:

one-on-one training

20 euros per 30 minutes

With a one-on-one session there's no curriculum. You can tell me what you want to train. Sometimes people call me because their dog is having some issues, but we can also train the basics. Tell me what you want and we can discuss where or what we should train. 

If I have to travel more than 5 km I charge 20 cent per km. 


Group training

Basic and advanced; 90 euros per 6 weeks (45 min per session)

We have several groupsessions. Most of the groupsessions are in Dutch, but if there are enough participants, I can start an English group. There are up to 6 participants per group. 


Fun 60 euros per 6 weeks (30 min.)

This group is for everybody who wants to learn how to work with your dog. We are having a lot of fun and in the mean time we work on your dogs self-esteem and the connection between handler and dog.



If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can send an email to hondentrainingmila@gmail.com or call on 06-18556073

Hope to see you soon!


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